Are you or your church thinking about how to be more welcoming to people with disabilities/intellectual disabilities and their families – or would you like your church to be thinking about it? Come and join our next online evening class – 4 Thursdays in November – and we’ll discuss the unintended barriers to inclusion and what we can do to remove them, all in the light of Scripture and with real change in mind. For more details and registration, go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/being-an-inclusive-church-tickets-427278630887


    Our next conference is ‘DIFFERENT CHURCH, DIFFERENT WITNESS: DISABILITY IN THE BODY OF CHRIST’. Delighted to be partnering with Crescent Church, Belfast for this event on 12th November 2022, 9.30am-1.00pm. It’s open to everyone and there’s no fee. Come along to find out more about the challenge and joy of being a church where difference is essential and to be celebrated and how this shapes our witness to a society in which those who are deemed ‘different’ are often marginalised and isolated.

    Amy and Rosemary
  • We are hiring this autumn 2022!

    The Board of Tio Associates is seeking to appoint a Part-time Project Support Worker (10
    hours per week)
    to assist the Executive Director with the tasks outlined in the Job
    Specification. Working mainly from home, the postholder will enable the ongoing development of Tio’s Christian
    ministry. Commencement date is December 2022. Click the links below to download the Job Description and Application form. Closure date October 28th 2022.

Honouring the indispensable

Used within the biblical imagery of the Church as the body of Christ, ‘Tiō’ means to honour, respect and lift up. It describes how God asks us to treat people who are often perceived as weaker and of lesser value. Tiō works to see people with intellectual disabilities valued, honoured and supported in the Church and in society.

1 Corinthians 12